Sugar’s Impact on Tooth Decay Still Major Concern

Written by Jeffery Platt on . Posted in Latest Posts

Some individuals don’t make the connection but the adverse impact of sugar in the diet is just as bad for teeth as it is for the increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

The United Kingdom is taking a look at the amounts of sugars consumed in children’s diets and how important that is to one’s overall future health.

Toothy decay results from the acid produced when the oral bacteria combines with sugar in the diet.  The risk of tooth decay is reduced when the total level of sugar intake is less than 10 percent of the caloric intake.

Even though fluoride is readily available, tooth decay is a major health concern. That’s the reason these new plans are being put in place.

There are some new policy recommendations being made like not having added sugar contribute more than 5 percent of total energy intake. Also, one of the key goals is to reach an industry standard as far as reducing sugar in processed foods and drinks in order to decrease the sugar intake to less than 10%.



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