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In a previous post I informed you about a new procedure that was called the Chao Pinhole Surgical Procedure.  I wanted to provide an update on clinical success here in our office with the procedure and provide some photo’s of treatment success.

DSC_0040_10-19-15  DSC_0115_11-10-15


Chao Pinhole before2  Chao Pinhole after2

The procedure is more successful and less pain for you than the other gum grafting procedures that I used to preform and for that reason I have stopped using the previous methods on my patients.  I am getting similar results that Dr. Chao has been reporting for the last 12 years of his research and treatment and that is why I believe this is the future of all gum grafting procedures!

There are some patients that have a genetic disposition to recession that re-occurs during their lifetime and the previous forms of surgery are more painful to repeat over and over again during your lifetime.  The Chao Pinhole technique doesn’t involve any cutting with a scalpel, no harvesting gum tissue from the roof of your mouth, no stitches and the majority of patients only use Ibuprofen and Tylenol mixed (we always send you with a little stronger prescription if you need it.)





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