Receding Gum Treatment with No Scalpels or Grafting – Pinhole Surgical Technique

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Can it be possible to have receding gums treated with no scalpels or cutting, no harvesting gum from your own mouth, no using gum tissue from another person, no stitches, no prescription pain medications to hide the massive pain of the surgery, no unsightly gum color after the surgery heals?

Well, welcome to the new day and age of non-invasive gum treatments for receding gums or exposed root surfaces not covered by natural gum tissue.  Ten years ago a new technique was beginning to be developed by general dentist John Chao, currently patented as the “Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique”, it is also referred to as the “lunchtime gum lift”.  The technique has been preformed by Dr. Chao for the past ten years and he has begun teaching the technique to dentists around the world.  Currently less than 600 dentists have been trained in this non-invasive, almost lapro-scopic technique to get the gum tissue to cover exposed root surfaces.

The benefit to the patient is that the dentist doesn’t have to take gum tissue from the patients mouth, causing two surgical painful areas.  It is also beneficial in that it stimulates your gums to naturally grow tissue to cover the exposed root surface for a long term success.  The procedure takes less time than the previous barbaric treatment forms that I learned to preform in dental school and have been preforming for the past 2 decades; but no more!  This will revolutionize dental surgery techniques to cover exposed roots that are sensitive to cold and air, susceptible to decay and the unsightly “long tooth” look that comes with age and for some of us genetic inheritance from our ancestors.

Again, welcome to the dawn of a new day and age of dentistry in Colorado Springs when we bury the scalpel and stitches of yesterday.



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