Ozone Has Arrived In Colorado Springs

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No, I’m not talking about global warming or a hole in our atmosphere and you don’t have to be an astronaut to go into the outer reaches of our atmosphere to harvest it or be around it.  Ozone gas is the newest technology that Dr. Platt is incorporating into your dental practice and the benefits are tremendous!  As you will learn over the next few months and years when you come in to get your normal dental work done.

Ozone is a molecule that is created by our newest technology to convert medical grade oxygen molecules(O2) into ozone(O3).  Ozone is a very powerful sterilant/disinfectant and killer of bacteria, fungi, virus’ and spores as the gas comes in contact with these organisms.  In the mouth, it is used to help treat cold sores, canker sores, gum disease, an additional disinfectant of a tooth before the restoration is placed, sensitive teeth and infections in the mouth area.  It causes gum tissue to heal faster than normal and it kills infection and abscesses inside and outside a tooth.  It can prevent a root canal to be performed.  Dr. Platt’s rate of root canals is already the lowest in his 21 years of practice.  He does about 80% less than when he came out of dental school with his current treatment methodologies.

Dr. Platt has been training for the last 6 months with one of the best conservative and holistic dentists to learn even more conservative treatments to bring his patients and add to the arsenal of treatment options provided at Lasting Impressions Dental Care.  Ozone technology has been used throughout Europe and Canada for many decades in a variety of ways to kill bacteria and treat infectious organisms in the human body and mouth.  Its successful treatments haven’t gone unnoticed and for that reason, it is starting to gain momentum in the United States.  The amazing thing is that this technology isn’t that expensive (that’s a first for medical technology) so the benefits and treatment options are not that expensive to incorporate in a dental practice.



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