Oral Bacteria Does Produce Heart Disease

Written by Jeffery Platt on . Posted in Latest Posts

There’s a newly discovered correlation between gum disease and heart disease.

An interesting fact that is little knows exists between gum disease and heart disease can you guess what it is?  Over the past few years many studies have been done that are confirming previous studies about the link between heart disease and gum disease.  One of the main things being acknowledged is that both are caused by the same bacteria, according to a University of Florida study. The study was reported at the American Society for Microbiology annual meeting.

The researchers for this and other studies have come to their conclusion based on studying mice, and now they are confirming the studies in human patients.   When oral bacteria were placed into a mouses bloodstream, the risk factors for atherosclerotic heart disease increased.  In humans that have gum disease the bacteria from their gum disease has been isolated in their blood stream just the same as in mice and they are at an increased risk if they don’t already have some damage from that bacteria.

Studies confirm that the best thing to do to protect your heart is to get your teeth cleaned by a hygienist regularly, a minimum of two times each and every year for life.  For those of us who have had or currently have any heart condition or issue the importance for good dental hygiene isn’t an option, its a must!



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