High-Fluoride Toothpaste May Aid Brace Wearers

Written by Jeffery Platt on . Posted in Latest Posts

High-fluoride toothpaste may be beneficial in numerous ways.

A Swedish study from Malmo University suggests that a high fluoridated toothpaste may stop  white spots from developing on the teeth when braces are worn. White spots develop from improper hygiene habits during the time when braces are present on teeth.  The fluoride toothpaste like Prevident 5000 possesses four times the regular amount of fluoride found in normal over-the-counter toothpaste.

Some studies have shown that 85 percent of people who have braces develop some kind of white lesions that can actually develop into a specific type of decay.

This toothpaste proved effective in stopping one third of the white lesions in 11- to 16-year-olds. No toothpaste by itself, prior to this one, proved to be as reliable in preventing the white spots from forming.  When combined with good hygiene habits this toothpaste can have an additional benefit to help fight decay formation during orthodontic treatment



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