Dental Anxiety May Make Sedation Necessary

Written by Jeffery Platt on . Posted in Latest Posts

Dental anxiety can be a thing of the past!

Another study conducted by Case Western Reserve University has corroborated things that I have seen in the dental office over the past 25 years of treating patients with anxiety.  The study showed that dental anxiety could cause a person to flinch even after something as simple as cotton swab makes contact with a persons gums or cheeks.  There are some patients that we have treated whose anxiety has kept them from even walking in the door of a dental office because of previous memories that are brought back up just thinking about a dental office.

The only way to overcome this type of anxiety that I have seen in practice, is to come up with different or new methods of sedation. Today’s minimal and moderate sedation allows the patient to be “semi awake” or in a twilight state of sedation where the brain’s reaction to stresses like the cotton swab and things going on in their mouth are diminished to the point that they aren’t aware of the cotton swab, or aren’t aware of the work being done in their mouth.  The beauty is that this same person is still able to communicate with the dentist when there is pain or discomfort so that I can help with ever is bothering the person!  Isn’t that awesome!!



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