Advanced Procedure to Cover Root Recession

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No More Sensitive Teeth Due to Exposed Root Surfaces.

Recession of the gums that exposes root surfaces has always been a problem for many patients.  It shows up in your mouth as a tooth that is sensitive to cold or air.  It can be a minor irritation to full blown pain that doesn’t go away.  Exposed root surfaces can also be more succeptable to decay because the root surface is softer than enamel and you can go through the cavity prone years all over again if left untreated, which I have seen over the years of practicing.  When you come in for your regular checkup the hygienist will look for changes in your gum height and let you know if you are starting to have recession.  To this point in Dr. Platt’s career he was trained in dental school to perform a surgery to transplant gum tissue from another place in your mouth where it is harvested and to the recession area.  That surgery was and is still being used by many dentists in the world and is one of the most painful surgeries he used to preform!  The result was good but the price patients had to pay for the procedure in pain was difficult to justify.  There have been many other techniques that have been developed over the past couple of decades that were less invasive to the patient and maintained the same good result and were less painful to you.

There has been an advancement in the technique that began to be taught to the dental population about 2 years ago called the Chao Pinhole Technique.  I began looking into the technique and quickly found that it was similar to a “laparoscopic” surgery rather than cut a body open surgery.  I started looking into the results long-term (the procedure has been around for 12 years) and found them to be equal to the other more invasive procedures in covering exposed, sensitive root surfaces.  I also found the procedure to be way less painful to the patient, 99% of patients only need tylenol or ibuprofen or a combination of the two for pain!  Huge advancement for you!  I quickly began training for the technique and finished the certification process about a year ago.  The results in the office have been stellar to say the least, and equal to what the original doctor achieved with his technique and abilities.  We have been able to preform around a hundred such surgeries to cover recession of teeth and help stop the sensitivity, progression of root decay and give back a youthful smile line again to patients.  If I personally had recession that needed to be treated this technique would be the only one that I would consider for myself or my family of patients!  The cost is actually no more than the other more invasive, more painful surgery techniques that have been done in the past.

If you want more information please google Chao Pinhole Technique (the inventor of the procedure) or come in to see photos of our surgeries and ask questions.

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