ADA Recommends Earlier Fluoride Distribution

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There is some information coming into the dental community, that it may be beneficial for children to be given fluoride even earlier than they receive it now, according to the American Dental Association.

Previous information suggested children normally should receive fluoride treatments for their teeth by the time they were 6. This new information, however, suggests that children should be administered fluoride even earlier. The new ADA recommendation states that children should be given fluoride as soon as their first teeth develop.

When children use fluoride toothpaste at an early age, it can lower the rate of decay, when adults use a fluoride toothpaste regularly is can also decrease the rate of decay. Research suggests that around one quarter of children develop a cavity before reaching kindergarten, which is troubling, but more children using fluoride or another alternative that can decrease the bacteria that causes decay is imperative!

At Lasting Impressions Dental Care, Dr. Platt maintains the importance of fluoride treatments in both children and adults based upon studies that show it is one source that can reduce cavities in children and adults!  The area around Salt Lake City Utah has not had fluoridated drinking water for decades and remains the highest rate of decay among children and adults.  There are other areas in the US that are similar and they also have a high rate of decay among their population.  Fluoride is not the only way to reduce cavities but one arrow in Dr. Platt’s quiver that he can use.  There are some who are opposed to fluoride usage and I know that there is some controversy, that’s why we have multiple programs to help reduce the bacteria that causes decay!  It is of great significance to schedule regular check-ups and cleanings to include fluoride or another treatment to maintain good oral health.  Please call our office today to schedule an appointment!



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