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At Lasting Impressions, Our Primary Focus is Providing Innovative and Reliable Dental Care for Our Patients

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

We help anyone's teeth become the whitest they can be. Come in today to get your pearly whites back!


Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry

We can provide quality dental implants to help your teeth. Whether it is to replace old teeth, help with dental bridges, or simply to provide function to your mouth, we are here to help!




Get your teeth straightened right with superior orthodontics. We are very experienced in helping you find the best braces for your teeth. Get a beautiful smile!


Caring Dentist in Colorado Springs, CO – Dr. Platt

Compassionate General, Cosmetic, & Sedation Dentistry by Jeffery C. Platt, DDS

When you need a dentist who has the skill set to meet your dentistry needs, come to Lasting Impressions Dental Care. At our Colorado Springs office, our primary focus is on providing innovative and reliable dental care for each of our patients. In order to provide for each client’s unique set of needs our dentist has made a conscious effort to continue his education, even after finishing dental school. Dr. Platt’s scope of specialties ranges from sedation to cosmetic dentistry, from general and pediatric dentistry in Colorado Springs, CO. This means that he has developed the skills and education a dentist needs to provide for each patient. If you are looking for a dentist who can take care of all of your dental needs, come see our friendly dentist.

Dr. Platt recognizes that the needs of each patient are unique, which is why his practice is dedicated to providing such a wide variety of services. Some of these services include general, cosmetic dentistry, sedation*, pediatric dentistry, implants, and orthodontics.


Early diagnosis and treatment of dental issues is key, because a person’s dental health plays a large role in their overall health. With this in mind, Dr. Platt strives to benefit his patients by providing a variety of services, rather than specializing in only one specific branch of dentistry.  As a result, Dr. Platt saves his clients time, energy, and even money, by eliminating the need to visit multiple offices for dental care. Some of the services which are offered by Lasting Impressions Dental Care include crowns and bridges, dentures, implants, ozone treatment and more. Our dentist can even help to diagnose and treat diseases such as gum disease and oral cancer.

Cosmetic Dentistry:

Here at Lasting Impressions, we know that you want your smile to be healthy and beautiful, which is why we take pride in providing innovative cosmetic care to our Colorado Springs patients. Our office offers both orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry, which means that we can straighten, whiten, repair, and install braces. In other words, if you are looking for the best cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs, Dr. Platt’s Lasting Impressions Dental Care is the right choice.


Dr. Platt recognizes that some of his patients experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. In fact, far too many people avoid visiting a dentist, even at the cost of increased pain in the mouth or gums. In order to provide for those patients who experience dental anxiety, our staff has created a soothing environment in which patients may enjoy amenities such as massage chairs, calming music, and even cable TV.  If needed, Dr. Platt also offers sedation and sleep dentistry to ensure the comfort of his patients.

*Certain restrictions may apply.


Lasting Impressions Dental Care is a place for each member of the family to receive the care that they need. Dr. Platt provides for each of his patients, regardless of age, by both diagnosing and treating any dental problems which might come along. When you bring your family to Lasting Impressions, you give your children the opportunity to receive care from a qualified pediatric dentist in Colorado Springs.

For a more extensive look at the services provided by Lasting Impressions, make sure to check out our Services tab.

For a more extensive look at the services provided by Lasting Impressions, make sure to check out our Services tab.

Our Professional Staff

Our great staff here at Lasting Impressions is here to help you with all your dental needs. We want to ensure your stay with us is the best we it can be. Please ask us any questions you have because we are more than happy to answer them.


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